Social Media Posts January, February, & March 2018

3/27/2018 - Messaging

Running late to your next appointment? Easily notify the listing agent and seller by selecting the predefined message within ShowingTime's messaging feature. Click here to learn more.

3/20/2018 - Key Sets

Do you require buyer's agents to check out key sets for their confirmed appointments? Learn more about ShowingTime’s Key Set Management features, from how to enter the key set details to how these details are automatically communicated to every buyer's agent for their confirmed appointments. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

3/8/2018 - FAQ: Why am I not receiving email notifications for my listings?

"FAQ: Why am I not receiving email notifications for my listings? The most common reason is that they get caught in spam/junk filters. Make sure your email provider is not blocking inbound ShowingTime emails and also review your ShowingTime profile to ensure your preferred email address is entered correctly. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

3/6/2018 - Forgotten password

Forgot your login details or how to log into the ShowingTime app? Watch the video now! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

2/27/2018 - Feedback FAQ: How do I send feedback to my seller?

"Feedback FAQ: How do I send feedback to my seller? Once you have reviewed the feedback, in some markets you can "publish" this feedback for your seller. You can also set your feedback to be automatically sent once submitted by the buyer's agent. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

2/22/2018 - Mapping Feature in MVB

With MarketView Broker, learn how to use our interactive mapping tool to target a specific area for finding top agents that would fit your business model. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR® #MarketViewBroker

2/20/2018 - FAQ: What does it mean to merge listings?

FAQ: What does it mean to merge a listing? Sometimes the same home has two different IDs because it is listed in different MLSs. Merging them in your ShowingTime account allows all showing activity and feedback to be accessed under one listing. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR® #FAQs

2/16/2018 - Creating a Caravan

ShowingTime Front Desk now has the Caravan feature available, which provides Front Desk admins with the ability to easily schedule a tour of listings for a group of agents to preview. Feedback requests are also included and sent after the Caravan to all attending agents.

2/14/2018 - Seller's app

In the sellers' version of our mobile app, sellers are allowed to confirm, cancel, or reschedule showings, view their listing activity report, and change their profile settings. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

2/8/2018 - FAQ of the day: How can I mark more than one notification as “read” at once?

"FAQ of the day: How can I mark more than one notification as “read” at once? In ShowingTime’s notification center, tap select all from the menu bar then tap “Mark Read”. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR® #FAQs"

2/6/18 - Using InfoSparks

Check out how @Paulrobert1 with @BestChicagoAppraiser uses @ShowingTime's InfoSparks, an @MREDLLC member benefit, in his everyday business as an appraiser. #InfoSparks #ShowingTime #RealEstate

2/1/2018 - FAQ: Is there a handout I can give to my sellers explaining the benefits of ShowingTime?

FAQ: Is there a handout I can give to my sellers explaining the benefits of ShowingTime? Yes, we have a Sellers Resource Guide to ShowingTime which will answer all of your sellers' questions. Check out this and other guides we have available. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

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1/30/18 - FAQ: How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime?

FAQ: How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime, and what is imported during this process? A listing gets imported into ShowingTime through continuous data sync that is established with your MLS(s). The data sync includes new listings, status & price changes, and updated agent contact details. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/25/2018 - Appointment types

Let the seller and listing agent know what type of appointment are you scheduling. Whether it's a first, second, or third showing, specific inspection or final walk-through, we've got you covered! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/23/2018 - Cancelling ShowingCart requests

Life happens and people need to reschedule appointments. If you created a ShowingCart and your buyer needs to change their tour for a different day, ShowingCart requires you to cancel your current requests and submit new appointment requests for consideration. Home availability, overlapping appointments and many other situations are the reason we ask you to cancel the ShowingCart and create a new tour for your buyer. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/18/2018 - FAQ: Who can see Access Details?

FAQ: Who can see a listing's access details? Once the showing is confirmed, the alarm and lockbox info will be shared with the buyer's agent. For added security, they may also be required to login to their ShowingTime account to view them. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR® "

1/16/2018 - FAQ: Who is the Buyer's Agent?

"FAQ: Homeowners would like to know who the buyer's agent is for the upcoming appointment. What can I do? Many homeowners are concerned about who's visiting their home when they're not there. A simple name or an office affiliation will put their minds at ease and help them connect appointments with feedback responses. We offer three options that can only be set at the office level: 1) Display buyer's agent and office name, 2) office name only, or 3) provide no buyer's agent details at all. No matter which option is selected, we will never share the buyer's agent's contact details with your clients. If you have questions about how your office is set up, your office manager can help answer these questions. "

1/11/2018 - Sending LAR to sellers

FAQ: Can I send my Sellers reports? Yes, you can send a copy of the Listing Activity Report to them at any time. See how and check out other FAQs.

1/9/2018 - Emailing ShowingCart Tour

Keep your buyers in the loop by emailing their tour directly from the ShowingCart Interface! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/5/2018 - Accompanied showings

For those circumstances where you as the listing agent want to or need to accompany other agents when they view the home, this setting allows you a bit more control to make sure the appointments work for you. You are able to see the requests as they fit into your schedule and plan the showings for the best experience. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/3/2018 - Appointment Types

When scheduling appointments, choose from several appointment types. Whether it's a showing or an appraisal, get confirmed faster! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

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