Social Media Posts January, February, & March 2018

1/18/2018 - FAQ: Who can see Access Details?

FAQ: Who can see a listing's access details? Once the showing is confirmed, the alarm and lockbox info will be shared with the showing agent. For added security, they may also be required to login to their ShowingTime account to view them. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR® "

1/16/2018 - FAQ: Who is the Showing Agent?

"FAQ: Homeowners would like to know who the showing agent is for the upcoming appointment. What can I do? Many homeowners are concerned about who's visiting their home when they're not there. A simple name or an office affiliation will put their minds at ease and help them connect appointments with feedback responses. We offer three options that can only be set at the office level: 1) Display showing agent and office name, 2) office name only or 3) provide no showing agent details at all. No matter which option is selected, we will never share the showing agent's contact details with your clients. If you have questions about how your office is setup, your office manager can help answer these questions. "

1/11/2018 - Sending LAR to sellers

FAQ: Can I send my Sellers reports? Yes, you can send a copy of the Listing Activity Report to them at any time. See how and check out other FAQs.

1/9/2018 - Emailing ShowingCart Tour

Keep your buyers in the loop by emailing their tour directly from the ShowingCart Interface! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/5/2018 - Accompanied showings

For those circumstances where you as the listing agent want to or need to accompany other agents when they view the home, this setting allows you a bit more control to make sure the appointments work for you. You are able to see the requests as they fit into your schedule and plan the showings for the best experience. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

1/3/2018 - Appointment Types

When scheduling appointments, choose from several appointment types. Whether it's a showing or an appraisal, get confirmed faster! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

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Social Media Posts January, February, & March 2018
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