FAQ: Buyers

Who owns my Client Data?
Your data belongs to you and your team. Your administrative staff will be able to see this information in order to assist you with keeping their details up-to-date. This data will also available on reports so that you can track the tours and showings that you have accompanied them on.
Is my data secure?
Unless you choose to share it, the data is only available to you and your team. Information can be entered in from your mobile device or desktop.
Is it required to enter this data for appointments?
You can skip adding a buyer when creating an appointment. And you do not have to enter it at all if you don't choose to do so. However, the addition of this information can be beneficial for repeat showings, and to help identify features or similarities in showings.
Why would I want to share this information with Listing Agents?*
*If this option is enabled for your market you may elect to share the buyer's name with the listing agent or office. The main reason is to help listing agents to differentiate between the showings. In most markets it is optional and if you choose to do so only the buyer's name is shared. Their email and phone number are always private to you and your team.
Does adding my clients data make scheduling more complicated?
Scheduling will be as easy as it’s always been. Adding buyers just provides better reporting for you, and can be done with a single tap.

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