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ShowingCart™ is a scheduling tool that enables agents to point and click to create a buyer's tour with ease and simplicity. ShowingCart™ allows agents to schedule multiple appointments at the same time using various tools that take the guessing game out of the scheduling process. ShowingCart™ determines listing locations which will then provide you with driving distances and driving times between each location.

The functionality to schedule a buyer's tour through our ShowingCart system on the ShowingTime mobile app is planned for future release. To learn more about the current ShowingCart view on your mobile app, please review the link below.
Mobile ShowingCart

Getting Started

There are two ways to schedule appointments using ShowingCart™. Both provide the same features - you choose the easiest way to access it.

Through your MLS

Step 1

To get started, log into your MLS' website

Step 2

Find the listing that you would like to add to ShowingCart™

Step 3

You will see a "Schedule a Showing" button or icon which will take you to the scheduling screen

Step 4

Once ShowingTime’s scheduling screen has loaded, select your preferred method of contact for confirmations, then continue by clicking the “Add to ShowingCart” button

Tip: If you already have a ShowingCart created, you can easily add listings to it by choosing it from the ShowingCart button

Step 5

Click “Next”, then select a date for your buyer’s tour and give it a name

Through ShowingTime

Step 1

To get started, Authenticate into ShowingTime through your MLS

Step 2

Click on the Showings category from the side menu then select ShowingCart™

Step 3

Choose a date for your tour and give your tour a name

Step 4

Click the “Add To My Tours” button to create a new ShowingCart™
Tip: If you have used ShowingCart™ for other buyer’s tours, all of those can be seen and accessed on the calendar presented after Step 2.

Adding Listings or Stops to your Buyer's Tour

There are 3 ways to add additional Listings or Stops to your buyer's tour.

Using multiple MLS ID's or MLS numbers
Use this option if you already know the MLS ID's for the listings which you would like to show

"Add Listing Stop" button
Use this option to search for a listing if you don't know the listings MLS ID

"Add Other Stop" button
Use this option to add NON-MLS stops, these can include your Office as a starting point, coffee or lunch spots, or points of interest in the area. (e.g. local schools, parks or attractions, etc)

Organizing your Buyer's Tour

ShowingTime has made organizing your buyer's tour in ShowingCart™ easier than ever! Listings can be organized in 3 different ways depending on your needs.

Once clicked, it will automatically sort your stops in the most logical order, picking the best route for you. It will use the first stop on your list as the starting point and then will organize your other stops based on driving times and distance.

To organize your tour using SmartRoute, you will first need at least 2 listings added to your buyer's tour, once that has been done you will be presented with the SmartRoute button underneath your tour's listings.
Tip: This is best used before scheduling appointment times.
By Appointment Time
By Appointment Time will organize your route by scheduled appointment times, if appointments have already been confirmed for each listing.

For this to work you will first need appointment times set for the listings on your tour, then you will need to click on the Appointment Time heading at the top of the list.

Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop enables you to manually organize the route according to your preferences.

Choosing Appointment Times

Once your buyer's tour has been populated with all your required listings and stops and has been organized. Then the next step is to schedule showing appointments for those listings. ShowingTime will calculate approximate driving distances between each point which will help when choosing appointment times. There are 2 sections that you want to focus on before selecting your appointment times.

The Appointment Type Section:
This section will provide you with the appointment type of the listing.
  1. Appointment Required
    Permission must be obtained from ANY of the designated listing contacts (Owner(s)/ Occupant(s)/ Listing Agent(s)) before the appointment request can be confirmed. Typically used for occupied homes.

  2. Auto Confirm (Courtesy Call or Go and Show)
    Appointment requests are documented and immediately confirmed. Typically used for vacant homes on lockbox.

  3. View Instructions Only
    The buyer's agent will immediately see any notes provided by the listing agent. The buyer's agent will not be given a calendar to select an appointment date & time.
The Availability Sections:
This section will keep you up to date with the availability of a listing. This section is color-coded to help you along the way.

Yellow Only Shown on View Instructions Listings.

Black Is any type of restriction that will prevent you from scheduling. These can range from Required Lead Times as well as Showing Restrictions.

Gray Is shown when there is a Requested Lead Time.

Light Blue Your non-requested appointment time.

Dark Blue Your requested appointment time.

Choosing Appointment Times (Step by Step)

Step 1

Start off by clicking on the Pick a Time button

Step 2

Choose your Type of Showing

Step 3

Choose your Appointment's Start and End Times

Step 4

If a note needs to be passed along to the Listing Agent then add that now

Step 5

Click Save

Step 6

Repeat the process for all the listings you are ready to schedule on.

Step 7

Click on the Send Requests button located in the upper right corner of the Appointment Information window.

Step 8

Once the appointment requests have been sent, the Appointment Status section will keep you up to date with your showings status.

Additional Features

  1. Point-to-Point Map
  2. Turn-by-Turn Directions
  3. Print your Tour

Keeping your Buyers Up to Date

Keeping your buyers informed of their scheduled tour has never been simpler. The buyer's version of the tour contains the tour's map and the stops in detail, including the listing photo, price, location, scheduled appointment time, appointment status, & basic listing details. A Buyer's Tour can be emailed directly to your clients from within the ShowingCart™ Interface.

Step 1

Start off by clicking on the Email icon located at the upper right corner of the ShowingCart™ Tour Information Window.

Step 2

Type in your buyer's email address.

Step 3

Click on the Send button.

Step 4

You will be informed of the status of the email.

Step 5

Click on the Ok button to close the window

Feedback and Knowledge Base

Our support team is available from:

Monday–Friday, 7am–8pm CT
Saturday–Sunday, 8am–5pm CT

Phone: 800-379-0057

Schedule appointments and view instructions on the go with the ShowingTime Mobile App.

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