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Scheduling a Single Showing

Functionality to schedule a buyer's tour through ShowingCart on the ShowingTime mobile app is planned for future release. To learn more about the current ShowingCart view on our mobile app, please review the link below.
Mobile ShowingCart

Scheduling on your own Listings

Scheduling Features

Tell the seller you are done

When the Showing Agent has finished a showing they can tell the seller to its ok to return home quickly by using the I'm done button. This button appears on the appointment confirmation screen and can be accessed from the notification in the notification center or the Showings I Requested menu option.

Watch the process here:

Appointment Actions

Proposing a New Time can be useful for those last minute situations. The Showing Agent, Listing Agent, or Seller (if enabled) can click the button on the appointment confirmation screen to start the process.
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Canceling an appointment will automatically send notifications to the listing side and showing side to inform all people involved.

Agent Information

You can quickly contact the agent from the appointment screen.


Near the bottom of the appointment confirmation screen you will be able to see a map and tap on the directions to open it in your mobile devices default map.

Listing Card

The address, state, and zip code of the listing appear to the left of the picture near the top of the confirmation screen.

Appointment History

Getting a confirmation can be hard, the steps that go into the process can be used as metrics to provide your buyer with an idea of why an appointment may be declined or why the numbers slow down over time.


The Showing Agent can leave notes for you to see when requesting a showing. You can see these notes on the confirmation screens. This information is not shared with your seller.

Scheduling from a cancelled or declined appointment

When your appointment has been cancelled or declined you can choose to schedule another appointment. From your mobile device you can click the "Schedule a Showing" button from the appointment details.

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