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Why would I use ShowingTime for the MLS?
ShowingTime for the MLS (previously known as ShowingAssist) enables real estate professionals to schedule showings online to save them from unnecessary phone calls and busy work. This feature not only decreases in and outbound calls, but saves time, generates more showings, and helps agents provide better client service with increased accountability and enhanced security - all leading to a more efficient home sale.
Do you have any recorded demos?
Yes - We have sections dedicated to your MLS with recorded demos for you to watch at your convenience. To access, please visit your MLS' main training page.
Is there a handout I can give to my sellers explaining the benefits of the ShowingTime?
Sellers Guide to ShowingTime


How will I be notified of a showing request on my listing?
In your ShowingTime profile is a section titled ‘Listing Agent Preferences’. This is where you can select how you would like to be contacted for requests on your listings. These settings will be defaulted on all of your listings.
How will I be notified when I request to show a listing?
In your ShowingTime profile is a section titled ‘Showing Agent Preferences’. This is where you can select how you would like to be contacted for requests you have made. These settings will be defaulted for your preferences. You can also select your notification preferences on the Terms and Conditions screen when scheduling a showing. In addition, this is where you can indicate how you would like to receive showing instructions.

What are my options for being notified?
You have a variety of options to choose from for notifications:
  1. Email
  2. Text Messaging
  3. Automated text-to-voice phone calls, referred to as ShowingVoice
  4. Push, which is a notification directly from our mobile application **
You can choose one of these options, some, or all four, depending on what best fits your notification preferences best.
Why am I not receiving email notifications for my listings?
The most common reason why emails are not received are because they are getting caught in your spam/junk filter. If this is the case, please make sure your email provider is not blocking inbound emails from ShowingTime.
How do I enable text message notifications for myself?
At the top of your Profile under the Profile Basics section, enter your mobile phone number in the Text Message field. Then select your carrier in the drop down menu to the right of your mobile number. Your carrier is your mobile provider, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. Next, in the Agent Preferences sections of your Profile, select the instances in which you would like to receive a text notification.
What if the owner/occupant wants to be notified about showings?
An owner/occupant can be added to any listing set to an ‘Appointment Required’ appointment type. This allows them to be part of the selling process and set up to confirm requests or simply be notified about showings. To do so, navigate to the ‘Listing Setup’ tab and click ‘Add New Owner/Occupant’. Be sure to indicate the seller’s notification preferences for requests and confirmations/cancellations. Never forward your listing agent version of emails to your sellers; they have a separate template with limited access.

Listing & Scheduling

How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime, and what is imported during this process?
A listing gets imported into ShowingTime through a continuous data sync that is established with your MLS(s). This includes importing any new listings, status/price changes, and if applicable updates to the agent roster.
What if I have a vacant lot?
‘Go and Show’ is the perfect appoint type to use. This mode requires the showing agent to select a date, time, and type of showing, then instantly confirms the request. This allows you to keep a record of the showings on the property without all of the back and forth! ‘Go and Show’ may be selected under the Appointment Type drop down. Be sure to watch for prompts that ask if you are applying the change to all listings or just new inventory.
What does Required/Suggested Lead Time mean?
Required Lead Time refers to the absolute minimum amount of notice your seller/occupant needs before all showings. The appointment center will not schedule a showing within the required lead time.

Suggested Lead Time refers to the preferred amount of lead time before a showing. Showing agents will be asked to accommodate the Suggested lead time, but will be able to schedule an appointment within the suggested lead time.
Is there an easy way to block an agent from showing a listing at a certain time?
Yes - You can add a showing restriction to a listing, allowing you to set up a certain time or date range to be blocked from any scheduled showings.
Showing Restrictions
What if I want to schedule multiple showings at once?
No problem! ShowingCart allows you to select multiple listings at once to schedule multiple showings at ease!
What is ShowingCart?
ShowingCart is a way to schedule multiple showings all in one place. Once you have selected all of your listings, the map will allow you to see where your listings are located to create the best possible route for your buyer. In addition you can see all of the confirmed requests in one place and send directions as well.

Account, Profile, & Integrations

I updated my email address in the MLS but is has not updated in ShowingTime!
Agents sometimes like to use different email addresses for different purposes; you are able to have contact details for ShowingTime that vary from what is listed in the MLS. You can review this in your ShowingTime profile in a section titled ‘Profile Basics’. Don’t forget your separate showing agent profile when scheduling. When updating on the Terms and Conditions screens that appears when scheduling, make sure to complete a request to save your changes to ensure your edits were saved.
Help! I am not able to make any changes to my profile or my listing!
Please speak to your office administrator as they may have enabled a feature that only allows you access to reports and feedback.
I have a Supra electronic lockbox, how do I enable ShowingTime to pull access details into my reports?
ShowingTime has the ability to pull access details from Supra into the Listing Activity Report. Supra/iBox Lockbox - How to Enable Guide


My sellers like feedback, so how can I get this to them in a professional manner?
  1. Enhanced Feedback Users:
    ShowingTime provides you with professional, customizable feedback templates. These are used to create reports you can send to your seller. You have the option of approving all feedback before it is published for the seller as well as graphs that track information on the listing.
    Note: We do not include the showing agent’s details on the seller reports.
  2. Standard Feedback Users:
    When you receive feedback after a showing, you can copy and paste it into an email to share it with sellers.

Mobile App **

Does ShowingTime have its own app?
Yes - We recently released our ShowingTime mobile app! This puts our features right at your fingertips! The mobile app is free of charge and can be downloaded to any android or apple device. In your ShowingTime profile is a section titled ‘Mobile App Acess’. Here is where you can enter your email address associated with your MLS and click 'Send App Link'. Be sure to open the authentication email on the device you wish to use the app on. Instructions on how to download the app will be provided.
Why did the “Push” option suddenly appear on my Agent Setup Tab?
You are seeing this because you successfully downloaded the ShowingTime mobile app. You can opt-out of push notifications on your mobile device if you prefer by simply adjusting your settings either through your ShowingTime profile or the mobile app. You can also remove the application from your device at any time.
** Certain features shown are determined by your MLS and may not be available in all markets.

If you have any questions that weren't answered here, our technical support team is available seven days a week and can be contacted via email at, phone at 1-800-379-0057, or live chat.

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