Sellers FAQ

Who is ShowingTime?
ShowingTime provides showing management and feedback technologies for real estate agents, homeowners, and buyers alike. ShowingTime’s main focus is to ensure that people who are interested in touring your home can easily and effectively set up an appointment which in turn will notify you or your agent
As a seller, what do I need to do?
Your agent and ShowingTime will take care of bringing buyers to your home... all you need to do is prepare your home for showings.
Will I be notified when a showing is scheduled?
Yes, you can receive an email and/or text message if you’d like. Appointments fall into two categories: Go & Show - for listings where no appointment is required and the showing request can be immediately confirmed upon request.

Appointment Required - a confirmation must be obtained from the seller, tenant and/or listing agent before the showing may occur. In each case, you may still elect to receive notifications.
Who is the Showing Agent?
In many cases, the Showing Agent will forget to leave a business card to let you know that the showing occurred. They may also not provide their details thinking that you already have it. Your agent can assist you in getting this information from them.
What does Push Mean?
A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.
Some of these feedback questions are not helpful. What can I do?
Your agent may have an option to modify these questions to tailor the input you are looking for. Sometimes, a standard question about the price or location, help to provide a general feeling about the listing.
How can I get more feedback from showings?
Feedback can be scheduled to be resent a number of times after the showing is over. Unfortunately, Feedback is not required, and some agents may not fill out the request until a few hours or even days later. You can implore your listing agent to reach out to the showing agents until they get a response.
Does the showing really take 2 hours?
A showing agent may schedule a few different appointments with the same buyer in a given day. Many times they know the approximate time they will at your home but by setting up a range that the appointment can occur in, the agent is able to let their buyer take their time in the homes.
Why is more than one Realtor in my home at a time?
Your listing agent can set appointments that occur on your listing to be exclusive or overlapping. An exclusive showing will only allow one agent and buyer in your home at a specified time. Overlapping showings can be beneficial in some cases.
What if I have more than one home for sale?
My Home by ShowingTime, allows you to see multiple listings. Your agent(s) will need to add your information to each listing you own.
Can I share these appointments with a family member?
Your Listing agent can add multiple members to the listing so that all of your can receive notifications for upcoming showings. An additional setting can also allow one or more of you the ability to confirm or decline showings.
What is SMS?
SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a "text message". With an SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts.
Where is my feedback?
When you access the Listing Activity Report you can see a record of all the showings, and the feedback received. You will also get a notification when feedback is available.
Can I post an open house?
Your Listing agent can set up an open house for your listing.
Why do I see so many "Showings?"
When your home is listed on the market, many showing agents will have the ability to schedule a showing on it. When they do, they can choose the type of showing that occurs. The term Showing covers a broad range of reasons for the appointment. The agents also have additional options to schedule things like 2nd or 3rd showings, walk-throughs or even inspections.
Is Feedback required?
While an optional service, agents understand the value of feedback. During the appointment, the buyer will often point out things that draw them in. And if your listing isn't right for the buyer, the showing agent may still have additional interested buyers.
What if I need to prevent a showing from occurring at a certain time?
As most schedules vary from day to day due to work, vacations, or even a simple doctor's appointment, ShowingTime provides a way for agents to create appointment restrictions for specific days and/or times which differ from the day to day standard ones. This is known as Setting an Appointment Rule, which is anything that will change the normal outcome for confirming showings based on preferences set on a listing's instruction worksheet.
What if my home is re-listed or refreshed?
From time to time, your listing may benefit from being re-listed or need to be refreshed in the MLS. Newer Listings often receive more showing requests. Your agent may want to give the listing a newer MLS Number, or may simply want to make sure it's at the top of the list. You will need to make sure the agent adds your email address to the new listing.


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