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    1. How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime, and what is imported during this process?
    2. What does Required/Suggested Lead Time mean?
    3. Is there an easy way to block an agent from showing a listing at a certain time?
    4. What if I want to schedule multiple showings at once?
    5. What is ShowingCart?
    6. What should I do after I re-list a property?
    7. Overlapping Showings - A good thing or bad thing?
    8. What about Listing restrictions?
    9. Access Details- Who will see them?
    10. When is it Ok to merge a listing?
    11. What is the archive button for?
    12. Tell me about the Listing Change Log!
    13. What kind of attachments can I add to the Listing?
    14. How do I add an Owner/Tenant?
    15. How do I add A Co-listing Agent?
    16. What Does No Same-Day Appointments Mean?
    17. What is a Listing Agent Accompanied Showing?
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Listing & Scheduling

How does a listing get imported into ShowingTime, and what is imported during this process?
A listing gets imported into ShowingTime through continuous data synchronization that is established with your MLS(s). This includes importing any new listings, status/price changes, and if applicable updates to the agent roster.
What if I have a vacant lot?
‘Go and Show’ is the perfect appoint type to use. This appointment type requires the buyer's agent to select a date, time, and type of showing, then instantly confirms the request. This allows you to keep a record of the showings on the property without all of the back and forth! ‘Go and Show’ may be selected under the Appointment Type dropdown.
What does Required/Suggested Lead Time mean?
Required Lead Time refers to the absolute minimum amount of notice your seller/occupant needs before all showings. The appointment center will not schedule a showing within the required lead-time.

Suggested Lead Time refers to the preferred amount of lead time before a showing. The buyer's agents will be asked to accommodate the Suggested lead time but will be able to schedule an appointment within the suggested lead time.
Is there an easy way to block an agent from showing a listing at a certain time?
Yes - You can add a showing restriction to a listing, allowing you to set up a certain time or date range to be blocked from any scheduled showings.
Showing Restrictions
What if I want to schedule multiple showings at once?
No problem! ShowingCart allows you to select multiple listings at once to schedule multiple showings at ease!
What is ShowingCart?
ShowingCart is a way to schedule multiple showings all in one place. Once you have selected all of your listings, the map will allow you to see where your listings are located to create the best possible route for your buyer. In addition, you can see all of the confirmed requests in one place and send directions as well.

What should I do after I re-list a property?
When you re-list a property, you will need to add listing contacts, showing instructions, and access details. When you add an owner and their email address to a listing, they can keep track of activities and feedback via their dedicated My Home by ShowingTime application. You can also merge the listing if there are duplicates so that all the history is stored in one place.
Overlapping Showings - A good thing or bad thing?
You should discuss the idea of overlapping showings with your sellers. In some instances, a seller may stage the property for the showing. Knowing if one or more agents will be in the property can help. Exclusive showings are recommended. 
What about listing restrictions?
There may some events that you know will take place on a listing. In these cases, you can restrict access to the property and let the owners know. These may be events like a weekly cleaning, or some larger work like painting.
Access details; who will see them?
Once the showing is confirmed these details will be shared with the buyer's agent.
When is it ok to merge a listing?
You should merge a listing if you've re-listed it or you are keeping track of a listing for rent and sale. You may also have duplicate listings when you are a member of more than one board or Multiple Listing Service. Merging the listings will keep all the history, access details, and activity together. That way, when you share or view the listing activity report, accurate information is presented. Merging a listing in ShowingTime does not affect the Multiple Listing Service.
What is the archive button for?
ShowingTime can automatically remove/archive listings after they have been "off-market". However, this time frame can be set for a longer time than you need. By archiving a listing you remove it from your active view but keep all of its history. You can reactivate it when needed.
Tell me about the Listing Changelog!
The Listing Changelog is a view of all the actions taken on your listing. You can see when a contact was added, a number changed, or even when notification preferences changed. If things seemed to change from the last time you viewed the listing, checking this log will give you insight. When an owner updates their notification preferences, it will also be listed here.
Remember: Your office has the ability to update your listing settings. 
What kind of attachments can I add to the Listing?
You can add any disclosures or forms that need to be shared with the buyer's agent. You are able to upload PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG files only (20MB max).
How do I add an Owner/Tenant?
On the listing worksheet, you will see a button to Add New Owner/Occupant. Click this button and enter the details of your owner or occupant. You will have the option to select if this owner also occupies the property, choose from multiple phone types, and even choose to send them a text message. Read More here.
How do I add A Co-listing Agent?
You can click the button on the listing worksheet to add a Co-Listing agent. You will then be asked to search for the agent, within your office, or from all the agents in the same multiple listing service as you are. Be sure to verify the agent you add. This agent will have access to the listing history and if enabled, will have the option to confirm or decline showings for this listing.
What Does No Same-Day Appointments Mean?
When you want to make sure that no showings can occur until "tomorrow" you can choose no same-day appointments. This gives your occupants or owners the rest of "today" to prepare for the showing.
What is a Listing Agent Accompanied Showing?
In the event that you want to review an appointment request prior to notification of the owner or occupants. You can enable your listings for Accompanied Showings. You will be able to configure your listing and your notification preferences as normal.

Please Note: Setting up your listing for an accompanied showing is a feature that may not be available in your market.

Note: Certain settings and features are determined by your association or board and may not be available in all markets. Information presented in our training materials is a general representation of ShowingTime products.

Please contact with any questions on the integration in your market.


  1. General FAQ
  2. Notification FAQ
  3. Listing FAQs
  4. What is ShowingAssist?
  5. Account, Profile, & Integrations FAQ
  6. Appointments & Scheduling FAQ
  7. Feedback FAQ
  8. Mobile FAQ
  9. Can I Send Notifications to Agents that Show My Listings?
  10. How do I Share Feedback with my Seller?
  11. What are my sellers notification preferences?
  12. Why do I get a message that says "URL Expired" in the mobile app?
  13. When would I merge a listing?
  14. Can my seller communicate with ShowingTime?
  15. Can I share the tour details with the buyer?
  16. What does the View Instructions only Appointment Type mean?
  17. What does the Courtesy Call or Go and Show Appointment Type mean?
  18. What does the Appointment Required Appointment Type mean?
  19. How can I see Past Notifications I have sent?
  20. What is a CBS Code?
  21. How can I track appointments that occurred in the past?
  22. I've been told that agents can't schedule inspections on my listings, what do I do?
  23. Can I change the office details?
  24. Do you have information that I can provide to my seller?
  25. Why are access details so important?
  26. Why are Text messages and Push notifications delayed?
  27. How do I cancel an appointment?
  28. How do I change my phone number/email address in ShowingTime?
  29. How do I get a one day code?
  30. How do I update my notification preferences?
  31. What do the different appointment types mean?
  32. What is the Not Authorized message?
  33. How can I remedy issues with the Google Chrome Web browser?
  34. How can I remedy issues with the Safari Web browser?
  35. How can remedy issues with Internet Explorer?
  36. How can I remedy issues with the Mozilla Firefox Web browser?
  37. How can I troubleshoot browser issues?
  38. Help, all my emails from ShowingTime come from someone else.
  39. What happened to the Resend App Access link?
  40. Why does the ShowingTime app ask for my location?
  41. As a buyer's agent, how can I see all of the showings I request?
  42. Can I review messages in the mobile app?
  43. How do I add multiple listings to a tour?
  44. Can I rearrange the stops in the tour?
  45. Is my tour shared with the buyer?
  46. How can I see the status of appointments in a Tour?
  47. Can I reschedule the whole tour for a different day?
  48. Can I schedule a tour with a listing that is not accepting online requests?
  49. What is the Add Other Stop button used for when creating a tour?
  50. Can I print the turn by turn directions for a tour?
  51. Can Inspectors use ShowingTime?
  52. What is the Additional Instructions Section?
  53. Can I see the appointment type of a listing before I schedule?
  54. What if I don't want a notification call when an appointment is confirmed?
  55. Can I add agents to my office in ShowingTime?
  56. Logging in to ShowingTime Frequently Asked Questions
  57. What if my log in is disabled?
  58. Can I share the buyer's agent's details with my listing contacts?
  59. Notification Troubleshooting
  60. Help, I'm missing a listing.
  61. On my listing, it says that showings are not allowed. What can I do?
  62. How do I update showing instructions for my listing?
  63. Can I message other agents?
  64. Help: My client cannot access My Home
  65. Can I prevent overlapping showings?
  66. Can I share details from the appointment screen?
  67. Where can I access my billing information?
  68. Can I add a mass note to my listings?
  69. Can I reschedule an appointment?
  70. Is there a Buffer Time Between Appointments?
  71. How Do I Enable Scheduling for my Listing in ShowingTime?
  72. Can I Set up an Assistant to Help with Showings?
  73. What if my contact details are not correct when I schedule?
  74. What is a Virtual Showing?
  75. Listing Sync FAQ
  76. Why does my ride-share app open when I choose directions to the property?
  77. Can I change my Feedback Template?
  78. Can I merge my profiles if I am a member of more than one board/association?
  79. Can I see my mileage?

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