Creating Feedback Templates (Enhanced Feedback)

Getting Started

As an Agent

Step 1
Click the Feedback tab

Step 2
Click Form Design & Settings in the dropdown

As an Office Manager

Step 1
Click the Feedback tab

Step 2
Click Office Form Design in the dropdown

Feedback Template Layout & Options

Feedback templates can be created and configured on an office or agent level. Office-level templates can only be modified by a user with office-level settings; agents can use office templates or create their own. The method to create and update templates is the same for each; at the Feedback Form Design screen you will have the following options:

  1. Clone - Allows you to copy the selected template.
  2. Rename - Allows you to change the name of the selected template.
  3. Delete - Removes the selected template.
  4. Create New Template - Creates a new (blank) template.
  5. Preview Survey - Allows you to see how the template will look with the chosen questions.

  1. General Settings - Basic settings for how feedback will be driven on the current template.
    1. Set as default agent template - This will set the current template as the default for all future listings. When a listing is imported from the MLS, that listing will use the selected default template. Under the Feedback Template dropdown menu, the default template will have an asterisk ( * ).
    2. When new feedback is received - This option changes how the system should handle new feedback: should it be held for review by you, then you publish it to the owner, or should it be published automatically to the owner?
    3. Feedback Sent by/Reply to - This allows you to modify who the email requests are sent from/on behalf of.
  2. Feedback Request Email - This text will only be visible in the feedback request emails to the showing agent.
  3. Instructions Box - These instructions will appear the beginning of the Feedback Survey.
  4. Footer Text - The text located at the bottom of the Feedback Survey.
Please Note: If buttons and input fields are grayed out, it's likely you are trying to edit an Office Template and don't have office-level access. If you clone the template, you should have no further issues creating a template based on the currently selected Office Template.

Adding & Removing Questions

Step 1
Select the Feedback Form tab at the top.
Step 2
Choose one of the two question types.
Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions should always start with the question at the top. Any number of responses can be added or removed using the buttons located to the right of the response section.

- Used to Add a Response.

- Used to Remove a Response.
Free Text Questions

Free Text Questions can be any question you would like ask to get a detailed response. Try to keep these questions open ended to provoke more than a yes or no answer.

Removing Questions

- Selecting this icon will remove any unwanted questions from the template.
Re-ordering Questions

- When your cursor changes to this image, you can click and drag to reorder the questions.

Adjusting the Feedback Request Frequency

As an Agent

Step 1
Start by clicking the My Agent Setup tab

Step 2
Scroll down to Listing Agent Preferences, which has a sub-section labeled Feedback Requests

As an Office Manager

Step 1
Start by clicking the Feedback tab

Step 2
Click Office Settings in the dropdown

You will be presented with three options; choose the ones that are suitable for you.
  1. Send feedback requests to agents who showed my listings.
  2. Number of times to resend feedback requests.
  3. Number of days between resends.

Assigning a Template to a Listing

Step 1
Start by selecting Listing Setup from the side menu.
Step 2
Select Listing Setup from the sub-menu.
Step 3
Select the Listing to assign the feedback template.
Step 4
You'll see the Feedback Template option located in the Appointment Settings section. Use the drop-down menu to choose the feedback template you would like to assign to the listing.

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