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Appointments & Scheduling FAQ

How do I choose different Appointment Types for appointments?
When you are scheduling your appointment, on the verify your appointment details screen, you can select these new options (Virtual Showing, Walk Through, Broker Price Option or Photography) in addition to the existing types. This information will be sent along with your request to inform the Listing Agent of the purpose of the showing.
But what about Inspections?
When you are scheduling your appointment, on the verify your appointment details screen, you can select these new options (Chimney Inspection, Foundation Inspection, Mold Inspection, Pest Inspection, Radon Drop Off, Radon Pick Up, Roof Inspection, Septic Inspection and even an appointment type for Site measurements) by clicking on the Inspection appointment type. A menu will then display to show this extended list. This information will be sent along with your request to inform the Listing Agent of the purpose of the showing.
Can I share my Buyer information with the Listing Office?
This optional decision can help the listing side understand the appointments that are scheduled. Then by using the feedback submitted, any discrepancies can be worked out behind the scenes to match the buyer with a home.
Can I choose the Appointment Types for appointments in a Tour?
Yes. While picking a time for that showing, you can choose from the existing appointment types as well as the new ones (Walk-Through, Broker Price Opinion, or Photography.
Can I set my default Appointment Type for a showing?
Yes. On your profile, you can set the type of appointment type that is the default to be shown when scheduling an appointment. Is taking photos or performing inspections your primary focus for a while? Set it up on your profile and make scheduling that appointment easier!
What if I don't know how long the showing will take?
By optionally adding the latest time that you will be at the property, you can give the listing side, a sense of how long the property will be occupied. If you are doing the second showing or know that the inspection might take a little longer, this setting also gives you a sense of how to plan your day.
What happened to the 1st in 1st Showing?
Last-minute appointments and curb showings are often scheduled on the fly and there isn't time to take stock to see how many times you visited a property with a person. There are also cases where you are visiting a listing for something that is not quite an inspection or appraisal, and also isn't a third or fourth visit. Long story short: we realized that sometimes a showing is just a showing.
Can I schedule an appointment in the past?
As a listing agent, you can Add an Activity from the Listing Activity Report (LAR). This activity can have a date, start time, end time, and even include notes. Appointments created this way for events that occurred in the past seven days will even send feedback.
Why should I fill out the "Optionally indicate the latest time that you might be at the property:" Information?
On a given day, a seller may only have one or two appointments but planning their day around these events can be tough. Knowing how long the showing will take will allow them to make those decisions on where to go and for how long.
How else can I tell the Seller that the Showing is over?
In the mobile app, you can visit the appointment screen or navigate from the confirmation to click on the "I'm Done or Done Showing" button.
Overlapping Showings: Who should know?
In some cases, you may wonder if you should tell the showing agents about the potential for someone else to be in the apartment at the same time. The homeowner may also have concerns about multiple agents in the property at the same time. Deciding on the setting from the Listing worksheet (Allow Overlapping Appointments?) may not seem like a deal-breaker, but it could be a factor in the process. You can limit showings to being exclusive, choose to allow overlapping showings and not tell, or choose to warn the agent if they may encounter someone else.

Homeowners often wonder if having a second agent in the home reduces the chances for success.
ShowingCart: What is Smart Route?
The Smart Route feature of ShowingCart will pick the fastest route between listings. It may not be the best for showing similarities or differences between the properties. You can always adjust the time and order of the showings manually.
ShowingCart: Why can I sometimes set my own Appointment Status?
Selecting an appointment status for any of your stops is for your reference only. Attempts to schedule or confirm these appointments will not be made by ShowingTime. See listing's MLS for scheduling instructions when applicable.
ShowingCart: Can I email the tour to my buyer?
Yes - After all the requests are sent, you can choose to email a link to the ShowingCart. This tour will show basic information about the property such as the address, price, photo, and similar details.
Can I schedule a curb showing?
Yes. You can schedule easily by using the nearby feature on the mobile app.

Read more.
How do I set my listing for a Listing Agent Accompanied Showing?
On the Listing Worksheet, you can enable your listing for an Accompanied Showing. This setting will allow you to review an appointment request prior to notifying any owners or occupants.
What is a Listing Agent Accompanied Showing?
For those circumstances where you as the listing agent want to or need to accompany other agents when they view the home, this setting allows you a bit more control to make sure the appointments work for you. You are able to see the requests as they fit into your schedule and plan the showings for the best experience.

Note: Certain settings and features are determined by your association or board and may not be available in all markets. Information presented in our training materials is a general representation of ShowingTime products.

Please contact with any questions on the integration in your market.

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