Logging in to ShowingTime Frequently Asked Questions

Common login questions and solutions can be found on this page.

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I am an Owner, Buyer, Seller, or Tenant. How do I access ShowingTime?
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My Board provides ShowingTime Service, How do I access?
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I’m am a member of a board that does not provide ShowingTime Service, or I wish to access ShowingTime directly with a User Name and Password
As long as you are an active member of a real estate board that has a RETS agreement with ShowingTime, you can set up an account to request appointments online. To do so visit: http://showingdesk.com/Account/Register
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I do not see my real estate board on the drop-down when attempting to create an account?
If you do not see your real estate board on the drop-down, ShowingTime currently does not have a RETS agreement with your board.
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I found my board on the drop-down and entered by Agent ID but received an error message that there was an issue emailing my registration.
This can occur if we do not have an email address on file for you. Some boards do not Provide ShowingTime with email addresses. In cases like this ShowingTime support will have to manually set up your account. In order to verify your identity please email in a photo of your driver’s license to support@showingtime.com with your Agent ID and full name.

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I am a home inspector can I request appointments online?
Some Realtor associations allow inspectors to be affiliate members and send us their information through the Agent RETS agreement. If your local Realtor association allows this, you can create an account using the method above.

We also have a connection to a small number of state licensing agencies. If you are a member of one of the agencies below you can request inspections online.

TEXAS: Texas Real Estate Commission

OHIO: Ohio Dept. of Commerce Real Estate Division


Indiana does not provide us with email addresses so we will have to manually create your login. In order to verify your identity please email a photo of your driver’s license to support@showingtime.com with your State ID Number and full name.
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What can I do if my login is disabled?
In the event that your login is disabled, someone with staff or manager rights in your office can log in to their ShowingTime account and enable your login.

If there is no one available to enable your login in your office, please have your broker or office manager send support@showingtime.com an email authorizing us to enable your login.
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Phone: 800-379-0057
Email: support@showingtime.com

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