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Appointment Restrictions


As most seller and agent schedules vary from day-to-day due to work, vacations, or even a simple doctor's appointment, ShowingTime provides a way for agents to create appointment restrictions for specific days and/or times which differ from the day to day standard ones. This is known as Setting an Appointment Rule, which is anything that will change the normal outcome for confirming showings based on preferences set on a listing's instruction worksheet.

In some markets when Allow Overlapping Showings is set to no, a user will be unable to schedule appointments back-to-back. This is known as buffer time.

You can add restrictions from your mobile device.
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Creating a Showing Restriction

Showing Restrictions can be created and managed in two places on the Listing Worksheet:

Under the Appointment Restrictions section, which will display in a list view.

On the Showing Restrictions tab, which will be organized in a calendar view, allowing you to dynamically see restrictions set in place by day, week, or month.

Step 1
Click Add New Showing Restriction

Step 2
Add a Restriction Reason

Note: Agents who try to schedule an appointment during a blocked time will be informed of the reason why they cannot schedule their appointment.
Step 3
Choose the duration of your rule, Timed or All-day

Step 4
Choose the rule date duration, One-time or Repeating. If a Repeating Rule has been chosen, select the day(s) for which the rule will apply

Step 5
Click the Save Showing Restriction button to apply your rule

Basic Layout & Calendar Views

Calendar View Options

Located at the top of the Restrictions tab are the Calendar View Options. This includes options to change the view depending on your needs. There is also a button to add a rule, as well as options to change specific days, weeks, or months depending on your view selection

Month View

Week View

Day View

List View

List View is the only view that will be shown at all times. The list view will help show specific details about any rules set on a listing. This view will only populate rules that are for today, or in the future, past rules will be removed from this view.

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