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Listing Setup for More Showings over fewer Days On Market (DOM)

Being on the forefront of appointment data, ShowingTime has a unique perspective on showing trends. Sifting through the numbers we were surprised to discover the correlation between the average number of showings per month on a listing and its appointment type. Listings that are setup to auto-confirm their appointments (we looked at listings that are occupied by homeowners and/or tenants) see on average 30% more requested showings, more confirmed appointments, and fewer cancellations. Additionally, the number of showings during the first week has a strong correlation with a higher sold price and shorter DOM.

For sellers who would like plenty of time to prepare for a showing setting lead times and Appointment Restrictions are perfect to help them feel that they are in control.

Note: According to our analysis, the first week on the market can really set the tone for the sale.

First week's showings and Days on Market(DOM) correlation

When a home is on the market for a long time, fewer and fewer showings are scheduled. Your sellers begin to wonder what the decreasing feedback responses mean and you start thinking of ways to draw more attention to the location. However, at the start of your relationship with the seller, let them know that the more showings they allow, the better chance they have to close the deal.

First week's showings and percentage of original list price received.

Leaving a home is not easy. All the memories and events that have occurred drive sellers to need the best possible price in the quickest amount of time. Many of these sellers are already in a new place or making plans to move further away. Removing obstacles like exclusivity in showings and lengthy response times means more showings and motivated buyers.

Listing Setup for Vacant Homes

Courtesy Call or Go and Show is the recommended 'Appointment Type' for vacant homes on lock box. This setting will document the appointment request and confirm it. Both you and your sellers are notified using your preferred notification methods.

Step 1
Click on the My Listings tab, then My Listings in the drop down

Step 2
Select the listing you would like to setup

Please note the Is this an listing agent accompanied showing? switch. 
This switch controls whether or not agents have an opportunity to confirm or decline appointments prior to an owner or occupant.

Note: Accompanied Showings is an optional feature. This setting may not appear on your Listing Worksheet. Accompanied Showings requires that an owner or occupant is added to the listing worksheet.

Step 3
Under 'Appointment Settings', set the appointment type to Courtesy Call or Go and Show

Step 4
Configure the owner so they receive confirmed/canceled appointment notifications

Step 5

Click Save Changes

Listing Setup for Flexible Sellers

Courtesy Call or Go and Show is also the recommended 'Appointment Type' for homes with owner/occupants that are pretty flexible. This setting will document the appointment request and confirm it. Then a phone call will be placed to the designated contacts informing them of the confirmed appointment.

Listing Setup for Seller Occupied Homes

Appointment Required, Confirm With Any is the recommended 'Appointment Type' for occupied homes. This setting will alert ShowingTime to require permission from any of the designated contacts before the appointment is confirmed.

Step 1
Click on the My Listings tab, then My Listings in the drop down

Step 2
Select the listing you would like to setup

Step 3
Under 'Appointment Settings', set the appointment type to Appointment Required, Confirm With Any

Step 4
Configure the owner/occupant so they receive confirmed/canceled appointment notifications

Step 5
Make sure that the listing agent and/or the owner/occupant is set up to confirm appointments based on their notification preferences

Step 6
Click Save Changes

Settings Side Menu

The left side of the Listing Worksheet consist of your listing photo, listing basics, and commonly used tools for your listing.

The Listing Photo:
Listing Photos are imported from the MLS. You will be presented 2 buttons located on the bottom right corner of your listing photo.
  1. For changing your photo
  2. For deleting your photo
Listing Basics:
Below that you will have listing basics, which includes the listings address, MLS number, MLS status and price.
Listing Options:

Archive the listing if it's no longer needed or has expired
The Merge feature allows you to consolidate a listing's data into one master listing record. This means combined listing activity and feedback on a single page, making it easier to access and track.

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Takes you a report which consists of listing feedback, activity, & additional options driving those 2 sections

Related Page: Reports > Listing Activity Report

A log that contain all details about changes made for the life of the listing
Allows you to attach additional information to the listing. Items attached to a listing will be emailed to any agent who schedules an appointment on that listing

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