Listing Activity Report: Agent Version (Standard Feedback)


The Listing Activity Report is divided into 3 main sections.

The Snapshot: includes a brief overview of your listing including, basic listing information, MLS status, and showing statistics.

Feedback Responses: is the basic view of all showing feedback. All responses in this section are organized by appointment date and time and include the showing agent's name and contact information, time and date they responded, and the showing agents responses and comments.

Listing Activity Details: includes the activity type ranging from;
  1. Appointments (Requested, Unconfirmed, Confirmed and Canceled/Declined)
  2. MLS Status Updates (New Listing, Pending, Sold, etc)
  3. Added Activity (Manually added Showings, Previews, Inspections & Appraisals)
  4. Price Changes
This section also includes a link to the Appointment Details. (Logs)

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Listing Activity Report: Agent Version (Standard Feedback)
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