Listing Merge


The Merge feature on each listing's worksheet allows you to consolidate a listing's data into one master listing record. This means combined listing activity and feedback on a single page, making it easier to access and track.

Merging a Listing

Step 1

Hover over the Listing Setup option on the left, then click Listing Setup

Step 2

Select the listing you would like to merge.If the listing's status is not active, check the Search Archived Listings check box to view all your listings.

Step 3

Click the Merge button

Step 4
The listing you have selected to merge will appear highlighted. Select the listing you would like to merge it with.
Step 5
Click Continue

Step 6
Select the data that you would like to keep in the master listing record, then click Merge

Unmerging a Listing

Step 1

Hover over the Listing Setup button, then click Listing Setup. Check the Search Archived Listings box and click Search button.

Step 2

Click on the Reactivate button

Step 3

Click OK to confirm

Note: Please allow a few minutes for this change to be reflected in your listing's inventory.

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