Mobile App for Sellers.


The ShowingTime Mobile App provides agents and sellers with access to our best online features all from their mobile device. From the sellers version of our mobile app sellers are allowed to confirm, cancel, or reschedule showings, view their listing activity report, and change their profile settings.
ShowingTime Mobile App for Sellers


  1. Showing Appointments: In this section the Seller can see upcoming appointment requests. They will be able to sort by those that are confirmed and those needing confirmation
  2. Reports: This section allow the Seller to view their Listing Activity Report. Their version of the report will NOT contain Showing Agent information, Appointment Details, or Feedback that has not been published to them.
  3. My Agent: is a simple section providing your Seller with your contact information
  4. Profile: allows the Seller to change their contact information, including how their name is displayed, their contact numbers, email, and which method they would like to be contacted.

Appointment Requests

Requested, Confirmed, and Past Appointments will appear here. Once a request has been made a notification will appear in yellow next to the Requests Needing Confirmation button. Tapping on this button will show the Additional Information screen.
  1. Appointment Request: This is where the date and time of the appointment request is located along with basic information about the listing.
  2. Showing Agent Information*: This section can display only the Showing Agents name and Office or Office only (depending on the configurable office level setting)
  3. Tip: This is an office level setting. If you have questions about what your homeowner can see, please reach out to your office manager with questions about your office setup.
  4. This is where the buttons to Confirm, Decline, or Propose a New Time are.
  5. Contact Information: Links to your contact information as well as contact information for the Appointment Center

Listing Activity Report for Sellers

Here your sellers can see all activity documented for their home such as showings, feedback and more!

The Sellers version of the Listing Activity Report closely resembles the Agent version but there are minor differences between the two.
  1. Only Published feedback will be available to them
  2. Homeowners will not have access to the activity details
  3. Any references to the Showing Agent's information is removed
The Sellers version is divided into 3 categories, Activity, Feedback, and Actions. Under Activity, all appointment activities will be documented, along with the Listing Snapshot which will show a breakdown of showings, previews, and inquiries. Feedback simply organizes any published feedback to the seller and Actions provides the sellers a way to email the Listing Activity Report to themselves. Below you will see a breakdown of these sections as well as what they will be presented with if they follow the links provided.

Providing Access to your Sellers

The ShowingTime Mobile App for Sellers doesn't provide a traditional username and password login for sellers. Sellers will have to be authenticated into the App. This is a very simple process and is controlled on the agent's end.

In order to authenticate your sellers, you will first have to pull up the listing in which you would like to provide access to those sellers. You will then need to add the contact to the listing, or if the contact already exists then just edit their contacts details by selecting the pen icon located with their contact information.

Make sure that you have provided an email address for your seller then click on the Send Access Email link. They will receive an email shortly which will provide them App Store links, useful in downloading the mobile app, as well as an authentication button which is used to login. They just simply need to push the authentication button from their mobile device and they are in! If the email sent to your seller has expired or they have missed the 72 hour mark in which they can authenticate, then another email can be sent to your seller at anytime.
Note: If your seller has previously worked with a different agent and was using the ShowingTime mobile app, the app will not update automatically. It may need to be deleted from their device and istalled again by downloading from the appropriate app store. They will then continue authenticating into the app through the new link provided by you.

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