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Why would I use ShowingTime for the MLS?
ShowingTime for the MLS (previously known as ShowingAssist) enables real estate professionals to schedule showings online to save them from unnecessary phone calls and busywork. This feature not only decreases in and outbound calls, but saves time, generates more showings, and helps agents provide better client service with increased accountability and enhanced security - all leading to a more efficient home sale.
Do you have any recorded demos?
Yes - We have sections dedicated to your MLS with recorded demos for you to watch at your convenience. To access, please visit your MLS' main training page.
Is there a handout I can give to my sellers explaining the benefits of ShowingTime?
Sellers Guide to ShowingTime
What is a Push Notification?
Push Notifications are messages that appear on your IOS or Android device from installed applications on your device. ShowingTime sends these notifications for appointment statuses, feedback notifications, and events like messages from other agents. While sometimes confused with text messages, a user can customize the way a push notification appears on their device. Because it is from ShowingTime, it appears with the ShowingTime logo which lets you know, at-a-glance what actions you need to take.
What if I am a member of multiple boards?
You can merge your accounts in ShowingTime to give you one view for all of your properties. This will allow you easy access to the mobile app and provide you with a single set of notification preferences to stay on top of your showings. To see how to link or merge your profile, Click here
What is a Showing Pin?
A showing pin is an extra level of security you can add to your account. If you contact a specialist in the Appointment Center, for example, you will be asked to provide this information. A showing pin is not required.
What is Office Broadcast?
Your office administrators may need a way to post information relevant to all of its agents. The Office Broadcast feature allows them to schedule announcements, or messages and send them to you. A staff or manager user can create these messages to let agents know of holiday plans or important information. You can edit the way these notifications are sent to you in your profile.
What is the Agent Activity Report?
Agents can view a summary of their activity in one report, including total new listings taken, price changes, status changes, total showings and listings nearing expiration. In addition, managers can monitor each agent’s activities by viewing their Agent Activity Reports.
What is the Listing Activity Report?
This report allows you to review all activity details for the life of each listing. You can easily review feedback from showings, document open houses, advertisements or other events and display basic information that can be printed and shared with sellers. You can even market the listing from this report by sending out a group email to showing representatives who have brought buyers to the listing, notifying them of an upcoming open house or recent price adjustment.
What is the Showings I Have Requested Report?
This report allows you to review all appointments you have scheduled with any office using ShowingTime products.
Can I track my Clients?
Yes - Your buyers can be added from the mobile app or desktop and added to showing requests. You can track the number of showings they have accompanied you on and filter the Showings I Have Requested report by Buyer Name. Read more about buyers and see specific FAQ's here.
Can I send my Sellers reports?
Yes. You can send a copy of the Listing Activity Report to them at any time. From your computer access ShowingTime, and navigate to the listing. Then click on the Listing Activity Report on the sidebar. You can Email this report directly to them.
Can I send notifications to agents that have shown my listings?
From the Listing Activity Report, you can send a price change notification or a general notification to agents that have shown your listings. Agents can opt-out of these notifications and by default, the list of agents will only contain those agents that have shown the property in the last 180 days.
Homeowners would like to know who the buyer's agent is for the upcoming appointment. What can I do?
Many homeowners are concerned about who's visiting their home when they're not there. A simple name or an office affiliation will put their mind at ease and help them connect appointments with feedback responses. We offer three options on the office level: 1) to display buyer's agent and office name, 2) office name only or 3) no details at all. If you have questions about your office setup, your office manager can help answer these questions.
Does it matter what cell phone provider I have?
Your cell phone provider is your choice. ShowingTime sends a text message to the number provided (and enabled) for text. Some carriers and plans may charge you for a pool of text messages or SMS.

ShowingTime is not responsible for these charges. In addition, your cell phone provider may also experience outages or poor service areas from time to time.
Why should I update my phone's software?
Due to the evolving nature of devices, we update our app to address the changes in the default phone software. Some of these updates rewrite the way apps work or integrate with the device. Older devices and older versions of the phone software are often unable to handle the newer updates and apps that work on those devices will often become outdated.
ShowingTime Technical Support cannot help you update your device's software.


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  79. Can I see my mileage?

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