Account, Profile, & Integrations FAQ

Account, Profile, & Integrations

I updated my email address in the MLS but is has not updated in ShowingTime!
Agents sometimes like to use different email addresses for different purposes; you are able to have contact details for ShowingTime that vary from what is listed in the MLS. You can review this in your ShowingTime profile in a section titled ‘Profile Basics’. Don’t forget your separate showing agent profile when scheduling. When updating on the Terms and Conditions screens that appears when scheduling, make sure to complete a request to save your changes to ensure your edits were saved.
Help! I am not able to make any changes to my profile or my listing!
Please speak to your office administrator as they may have enabled a feature that only allows you access to reports and feedback.
I have a Supra electronic lock-box, how do I enable ShowingTime to pull access details into my reports?
ShowingTime has the ability to pull access details from Supra into the Listing Activity Report. Supra/iBox Lockbox - How to Enable Guide
What is the Appointment Download Service Key?
This section is used for customers who are provided ShowingTime as a service by their MLS through our ShowingTime for the MLS service. If your company is using another online scheduling company and appointments need to be forwarded to them, this is where you can add a service key so our system knows not to handle the appointment for you. Removing this key will allow ShowingTime to then again handle appointments going forward.
What is ShowingTime Messenger?
The ability to chat with an agent or your buyers is a huge benefit for those last minute changes. You can use the service to dive deeper into the feedback, negotiate reschedule times, or even start an offer. This communication is private between you and the recipient and available on both mobile and desktop.
Where can I find specific settings for my Listing or Showing Agent preferences?
Your profile is broken down into sections that make your life easier. At the top you will see the basic information where you can add or update phone numbers or you email address. You will then see the preferences that take place if you are a listing agent or showing agent. You can read more here.
Can I sync appointments to my calendar?
With Calendar Sync, you can have all your upcoming appointments synced directly to your personal calendar, which can be accessed through your preferred calendar application or on your mobile device. Read more here.
Can I switch between Abbreviated SMS and Long/Multi SMS?
Yes. On your Profile page, you can choose between long or short SMS. This setting is in the Profile Basics (near the top) section.
What is the difference between Abbreviated SMS and Long/Multi SMS?
Abbreviated SMS, makes use of a URL in the message to condense it to a single SMS. This single SMS allows for a user to click on the link to see all of the information.
Long or Multi SMS will make all of the information available via text message. This may mean that the showing instructions, for example, will span more than one text message. ShowingTime is not responsible for charges your carrier may apply.
How can I input my text messaging or SMS number?
On your profile, you can enter a number in one of the three phone fields. When you change the type to Mobile Phone it will become available in the text message box.
Can I set my sellers or their occupants up for text messaging?
Yes. From the Listing you can edit their contact information. Once you choose the phone type of Mobile Phone (next to their number) it will give you the option to Use for Text Messaging.
What is the preferred interface switch for?
For those users that prefer the ShowingTime Front Desk interface always be shown when loggin in from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you can set this setting in your profile. You can also choose to show the ShowingTime for the MLS interface all the time if you prefer.

Please Note: this setting has no effect on your appointments or listings.
If you have any questions that weren't answered here, our technical support team is available seven days a week and can be contacted via email at, phone at 1-800-379-0057, or live chat.

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