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    1. Does ShowingTime have its own app?
    2. Why did the “Push” option suddenly appear on my Agent Setup Tab?
    3. Can I tell the Seller the showing is over?
    4. What is a Push Notification?
    5. What is an SMS?
    6. Can I send the app to my seller?
    7. If I re-list a home do I need to do anything?
    8. Can my sellers sync appointments on their mobile app?
    9. What do my sellers see in their mobile app?
    10. Can I mark more than one notification "read" at one time?
    11. Can I message another agent or my seller from the app?
    12. How do I see all the activity on my listing in the app?
    13. What is the suggestion box for?
    14. Do changes I make to my listings in the app affect the desktop site?
    15. How do I sync my appointments with the calendar?
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Mobile App **

Does ShowingTime have its own app?
Yes - This puts our features right at your fingertips! The mobile app is free of charge and can be downloaded to any android or apple device. In your ShowingTime profile is a section titled ‘Mobile App Access’. Here is where you can enter your email address associated with your MLS and click 'Send App Link'. Be sure to open the authentication email on the device you wish to use the app on. Instructions on how to download the app will be provided.
Why did the “Push” option suddenly appear on my Agent Setup Tab?
You are seeing this because you successfully downloaded the ShowingTime mobile app. You can opt-out of push notifications on your mobile device if you prefer by simply adjusting your settings either through your ShowingTime profile or the mobile app. You can also remove the application from your device at any time.
Can I tell the Seller the showing is over?
When your showing is over early, you can choose to tell the seller right away from the confirmation screen. Click here to read more.
What is a Push Notification?
A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. You don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.
What is an SMS?
A short text message to and from a mobile phone. You can choose to receive Short SMS's which will contain a link you can tap to display all the details about an appointment. You can also select to receive Long SMS's (in your profile which will condense the details of the appointment into the message. This text may span multiple messages.
Can I send the app to my seller?
Yes - When you add the seller and email address to the listing worksheet, you provide them free app access. They will receive instructions on how to download and authenticate into the app.
If I re-list a home do I need to do anything?
Your sellers, if using the app, will need to re-authenticate their device for the new listing. They do not have to uninstall the app, but you will need to enable them for app access by making sure their email address is added to the listing. You can also merge the listings if there are duplicates.
Can my sellers sync appointments on their mobile app?
The Calendar Sync feature is also available to your sellers. They can configure this in their ShowingTime profile in the app.
What do my sellers see in their mobile app?
A seller will only see details about their listing. They will see the feedback you have published for them to see, a list of upcoming or past appointments. They can click on an activity to see the feedback and can message you free of charge. A seller will also have the option to decide how they want to be contacted. They can choose text, push, email, or call.
Can I mark more than one notification "read" at one time?
Yes - In the notification center, you can choose "Select All" from the menu bar, or you can select more than one using the checkboxes on the side of each notification. The bottom menu bar will change to give you the option to mark them as read.
Can I message another agent or my seller from the app?
Yes - Just as you can on the desktop you can initiate a message with the listing agent or buyer's agent. You can also chat with your seller. These messages are only shared between these parties. Read More.
How do I see all the activity on my listing in the app?
The Listing Activity Report you use on the desktop has a counterpart in the app. Read More.
What is the suggestion box for?
The suggestion box is an easy way for you to communicate with ShowingTime. We look forward to hearing any suggestions for features or improvements.
Do changes I make to my listings in the app affect the desktop site?
Yes - Any change you make on the app will automatically apply to the desktop. Your listing changes on the desktop also automatically apply to the app. Anywhere you go, you can make a change in one place to have it apply everywhere!
How do I sync my appointments with the calendar?
You can sync your single appointments or set your device to get a constant update of your upcoming appointments. Read More.

Note: Certain settings and features are determined by your association or board and may not be available in all markets. Information presented in our training materials is a general representation of ShowingTime products.

Please contact with any questions on the integration in your market.


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  9. Can I Send Notifications to Agents that Show My Listings?
  10. How do I Share Feedback with my Seller?
  11. What are my sellers notification preferences?
  12. Why do I get a message that says "URL Expired" in the mobile app?
  13. When would I merge a listing?
  14. Can my seller communicate with ShowingTime?
  15. Can I share the tour details with the buyer?
  16. What does the View Instructions only Appointment Type mean?
  17. What does the Courtesy Call or Go and Show Appointment Type mean?
  18. What does the Appointment Required Appointment Type mean?
  19. How can I see Past Notifications I have sent?
  20. What is a CBS Code?
  21. How can I track appointments that occurred in the past?
  22. I've been told that agents can't schedule inspections on my listings, what do I do?
  23. Can I change the office details?
  24. Do you have information that I can provide to my seller?
  25. Why are access details so important?
  26. Why are Text messages and Push notifications delayed?
  27. How do I cancel an appointment?
  28. How do I change my phone number/email address in ShowingTime?
  29. How do I get a one day code?
  30. How do I update my notification preferences?
  31. What do the different appointment types mean?
  32. What is the Not Authorized message?
  33. How can I remedy issues with the Google Chrome Web browser?
  34. How can I remedy issues with the Safari Web browser?
  35. How can remedy issues with Internet Explorer?
  36. How can I remedy issues with the Mozilla Firefox Web browser?
  37. How can I troubleshoot browser issues?
  38. Help, all my emails from ShowingTime come from someone else.
  39. What happened to the Resend App Access link?
  40. Why does the ShowingTime app ask for my location?
  41. As a buyer's agent, how can I see all of the showings I request?
  42. Can I review messages in the mobile app?
  43. How do I add multiple listings to a tour?
  44. Can I rearrange the stops in the tour?
  45. Is my tour shared with the buyer?
  46. How can I see the status of appointments in a Tour?
  47. Can I reschedule the whole tour for a different day?
  48. Can I schedule a tour with a listing that is not accepting online requests?
  49. What is the Add Other Stop button used for when creating a tour?
  50. Can I print the turn by turn directions for a tour?
  51. Can Inspectors use ShowingTime?
  52. What is the Additional Instructions Section?
  53. Can I see the appointment type of a listing before I schedule?
  54. What if I don't want a notification call when an appointment is confirmed?
  55. Can I add agents to my office in ShowingTime?
  56. Logging in to ShowingTime Frequently Asked Questions
  57. What if my log in is disabled?
  58. Can I share the buyer's agent's details with my listing contacts?
  59. Notification Troubleshooting
  60. Help, I'm missing a listing.
  61. On my listing, it says that showings are not allowed. What can I do?
  62. How do I update showing instructions for my listing?
  63. Can I message other agents?
  64. Help: My client cannot access My Home
  65. Can I prevent overlapping showings?
  66. Can I share details from the appointment screen?
  67. Where can I access my billing information?
  68. Can I add a mass note to my listings?
  69. Can I reschedule an appointment?
  70. Is there a Buffer Time Between Appointments?
  71. How Do I Enable Scheduling for my Listing in ShowingTime?
  72. Can I Set up an Assistant to Help with Showings?
  73. What if my contact details are not correct when I schedule?
  74. What is a Virtual Showing?
  75. Listing Sync FAQ
  76. Why does my ride-share app open when I choose directions to the property?
  77. Can I change my Feedback Template?
  78. Can I merge my profiles if I am a member of more than one board/association?
  79. Can I see my mileage?

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