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June 2019 - New Sidebar, Buyers, and more...

My Home by ShowingTime Now with Tour Info for Buyers

Our research has shown that 8/10 clients who are selling their homes are buying their new home with the same agent. My Home by ShowingTime provides buyers with a view of their upcoming tour. This includes the appointment status, date/time of the appointment, driving directions, and a simple way to connect with their agent only.

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ShowingTime Buyers Highlights
Buyers Guide To ShowingTime
As a reminder, adding details about your buyer to a showing is an optional feature and ShowingTime never shares this information with anyone else. An agent’s client is private to that agent only.

Never Miss A Showing with Overnight Notifications

You have the option to receive text messages and push notifications 24/7 or between the hours 8 am-10 pm local time.
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Select Your Linked Profile’s Primary MLS

Choosing your Primary MLS will determine which set of contact information to display in your ShowingTime email signatures as well as determine which set of default notification preferences to use.

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Refreshed Look to the Side Menu

Though the menu looks brand new, most changes are cosmetic, with just a few updates to the navigation.

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Welcome to 2017!

2016 has been an exciting year for ShowingTime clients! As always, thanks for all your feedback, which helps us create new features and additional improvements that lead to an even better experience for you.

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