Social Media Posts October, November, & December 2017


12/28/2017 Download the mobile app

New year, new app! - Have you installed our mobile app? Take control of your showings, manage your feedback, & customize your listings! You can install it on your new devices today! #ShowingTime #Mobile #RealEstate #REALTOR®

12/26/2017 - Downloading the mobile app

Do you need a refresher on how to download the mobile app? Check out this video for a quick reminder! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

12/21/2017 - Sidebar

#ShowingTime knows that being able to navigate easily through your app is important. The sidebar contains the links to schedule showings, check your feedback, manage your listings, and view your listing activity report. Check out the training materials here!

12/19/2017 - Native font size options

ShowingTime offers a font size that fits you! The #ShowingTime app taps into your phone's native font size options to match the preferences you set on your device. Seeing is believing. Download the app today! #mobile #RealEstate #REALTOR®

12/14/2017 - Showings I Have Requested Report

Do you need help keeping track of all of your showings? No need to worry. The "Showings I Have Requested Report" helps you manage your showings by displaying all of your showing activity in one place! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

12/12/2017 - Messaging within an Appointment

Do you need a quick way to reach a listing agent, co-listing agent, or homeowner? Use messaging in the app right from within the appointment scheduled! #ShowingTime #Mobile #RealEstate #REALTOR®

12/8/2017 - Adding a co-listing agent to contacts

FAQ: How can a listing agent add an assistant's contact information so they can receive appointment notifications? See how to add them here. #showingtime-lounge FAQs #ShowingTime #Mobile #RealEstate #REALTOR®

12/5/2017 - Auto-publishing feedback to owners

Do you want to set up auto-publish so your sellers always receive feedback? It's easy as can be. See more here. #ShowingTime #Mobile #RealEstate #REALTOR®


11/30/2017 - Editing Showing Instructions

Save some time and update your showing instructions on-the-go with the mobile app. Take a look to see how. #ShowingTime #Mobile #RealEstate #REALTOR®

11/28/2017 - Search for listings within own MLS

Scheduling a showing on the go? Want to quickly find a specific listing? Having valid search results makes the scheduling process faster so you can move on to other tasks. You have the option to limit the search to the listings to schedule in one MLS, or all neighboring MLSs. Once you mark your preference, it will be the default setting every time you search for listings. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

11/21/2017 - Homeowner showing completed notifications

FAQ: Do homeowners need to use the ShowingTime app to get notifications when the showing is complete? A homeowner must have a ShowingTime mobile app in order to receive push notifications. However "Showing Completed" notifications can also be sent via a text message if a homeowner has text messages enabled. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

11/16/2017 - Messaging

ShowingTime messaging helps any agent or listing contact to communicate about a particular appointment. Learn how to start messaging now. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

11/14/2017 - Agent Activity Report

"Are you using the Agent Activity Report? Agents can view a summary of their activity in one report, including total new listings taken, price changes, status changes, total showings and listings nearing expiration. In addition, managers can monitor each agent’s activities by viewing their Agent Activity Reports. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

11/9/2017 - Linking accounts

"ShowingTime Tip: Have active listings in multiple MLSs? Link your accounts to easily manage all of your preferences, listings, showings, and feedback in one place! #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

11/8/2017 - Archive button

"Listing FAQs: What is the archive button for? ShowingTime automatically archives listings after they have been ""off-market."" By archiving a listing you remove it from your active view but keep all of its history. You can reactivate it when you need. FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

11/2/2017 - Auto deliver LAR

Did you know that the Listing Activity Report can be scheduled for automatic delivery, so receiving a report is even easier and faster? Find out how. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®


10/31/2017 - Add listings or stops to ShowingCart

Did you know that there are 3 ways to add extra listings or stops to your buyer's tour in ShowingCart? You can do this by using multiple MLS ID's or MLS numbers, the "Add Listing Stop" button, and the "Add Other Stop" button. See here for more details! #ShowingCart #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

10/26/2017 - What do these different showing types mean?

Seller FAQ: What do these different showing types mean? When your home is listed on the market, showing agents will have the ability to schedule a showing on it. The term "Showing" covers a broad range of reasons for the appointment. The agents have options to schedule a showing, 2nd showing, 3rd showing, walk-throughs, or even inspections. A 2nd or 3rd showing typically indicates that the agent is bringing the same buyer again to see your home which indicates a high-level of interest. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

10/24/2017 - FAQ: Can I track my Clients?

"FAQ: Can I track my Clients? Yes - You can add your buyers to your showings on mobile or desktop. Doing so keeps their name and contact info private to you. As an agent, you can track the number of showings they have accompanied you on and filter the ‘Showings I Have Requested’ report by ‘Buyer Name’, making it easy to schedule a 2nd showing on a home their interested in. Read more about buyers and see specific FAQ’s here. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

10/19/2017 - What is the Listing Activity Report?

What is the Listing Activity Report? It's a report that provides an overview of what has occurred on your listings. You can share this report with sellers to give them an idea of what steps might be needed for quicker sales. Or, you can share what you have learned with your buyers to help them identify what they are looking for in a property. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

10/17/2017 - Curb showings

Have you been out and about with your clients and happened to come across a property you'd like to show? Schedule a curb showing right on the spot! Here's how. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

10/12/2017 - Creating a Showing Restriction

Do you have painters coming? Going out of town for a day or two? Learn how to set up a showing block for appointments. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

10/10/2017 - A homeowner has the same listing for sale and for rent. How can they see all the activity in their account?

"Sellers FAQ: A homeowner has the same listing for sale and for rent. How can they see all the activity in their account? Each homeowner is connected to a unique listing ID and can only see the activity on one listing at a time. However, as a listing agent, you can merge the listing that is both for sale and for rent in your ShowingTime account and help your sellers see and manage the rental and sales activity in the mobile app or on their desktop. Learn how here. #FAQs #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

10/5/2017 - Home is re-listed or refreshed

"Sellers FAQ: What if my home is re-listed or refreshed? From time to time, your listing may benefit from being re-listed or need to be refreshed in the MLS. Newer Listings often receive more showing requests. Your agent may want to give the listing a newer MLS Number, or may simply want to make sure it's at the top of the list. You will need to make sure the agent re-enables you for app access. While you do not have to uninstall the app, you will need to log out and authenticate with a new code. #FAQS #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®"

10/3/2017 - Update showing instructions

It’s easy for listing agents to update showing instructions when confirming an appointment. Review the access details to either add or edit the information as needed. Details added will be saved for future appointment requests. #ShowingTime #RealEstate #REALTOR®

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