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In some markets the ability for the listing agent to accompany the showing agent will exist. In these markets the listing agent can choose to confirm or deny a request before an owner or occupant is made aware of it.

The setting reads "Is this a listing agent accompanied showing?"

Here are some other interesting features:
  • The listing agent can choose to allow the contact to be first in line to approve these requests, or to wait until the agent is sure the showing will fit into their schedule.
  • The switch will appear for both Single and Multi family listings.
  • Both the approval by the listing agent and the owner will be tracked
  • If the listing agent denies the request, the seller or occupant will not be notified
  • While sellers or occupants are required for accompanied showings, the order of the calls is clearly identified on the listing worksheet.

Configuring Contacts

In some cases you may want to see the appointment request before your sellers do. In others you may want to allow a seller to approve an appointment before the occupant sees the request. For both of these situations you can configure the listing worksheet to assist you.

  • Initial - Contacts in this area will be notified of the showing before the Final confirmation contacts. If the contacts in this section decline the appointment the Final confirmation contacts will not be notified of the showing request.
  • Final - Contacts in this area will have the final say for appointments. They will be able to decline an appointment even after the initial contacts have approved it.

You can also choose to set this preference while creating or editing the seller.

Scheduling on Behalf of Another Agent

As an agent you can choose to Approve or Approve and Confirm the appointment when scheduling on behalf of another agent. If you choose to Approve only, your occupant or seller will have the chance to confirm or deny the appointment.

Appointment Details

The appointment details screen will indicate that an approval email is sent to the appropriate party.

You can click the Approve & Confirm button to automatically approve the appointment and confirm it for the owners or occupants.


Scheduling and approving showings works the same way on mobile:

From the Listing page in the app you can toggle the setting for Is this a listing agent accompanied showing?

You can choose which contacts have the ability to be the Initial Approval or Final Confirmation.

You will also be able to change the contact order and choose which notification methods.

Approve & Confirm

Step 1
From the App choose Showings On My Listings, locate the showing and choose Approve and Confirm.

Step 2
Verify any notes and/or access details and click Approve & Confirm Appt.

Step 3
The appointment is now confirmed. The Showing Agent will receive the relevant information.


Step 1
From the App choose Showings On My Listings, locate the showing and choose Approve.

Step 2
Verify any notes and/or access details and click Approve Appointment.

Step 3
The Seller or other Final Confirmation contact will be able to approve or deny the showing.

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