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May 28, 2020: New layout for the mobile appointment details screen

We've changed the buyer section to allow the agent to easily share notes with them. The Buyer's Agent can also share notes with the Listing agent.

The new option for ShowingTime LIVE appears between these sections.

ShowingTime LIVE will be available in your market soon.

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May 12, 2020: ShowingTime LIVE (Coming Soon)

ShowingTime LIVE allows agents to conduct LIVE video showings directly from the ShowingTime mobile app with the tap of a button, enabling their clients to participate in showings from the comfort of their homes. ShowingTime LIVE is coming soon to your market.

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April 28, 2020: Select your preferred showing type from the listing worksheet

Our latest release will give listing agents more control over how they prefer showings are conducted on their listings and the capability to easily communicate appointment information for each listing.

When Virtual Appts Only is selected, the access details for the home are intentionally hidden from the buyer’s agent. They remain in the account should you decide to switch the listing back to allow In-Person Appts, but are not visible for Virtual Appts Only since no one will be accessing the home.

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April 8, 2020: Virtual Showings

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way real estate agents do business. Orders from local governments and recommendations from public health officials alike have inspired resourceful agents to seek new ways to serve their clients.

With the ever-changing environment, agents have been giving virtual showings to their clients using a variety of methods including group video conferencing tools, 360-degree views of the home, and prerecorded video tours.

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Listing Rules and Exceptions Help Agents Configure Their Seller's Listings Around Unique Situation

Your client may ask you to prevent showings for a few hours when their young kids typically take naps or when they are having out-of-town guests.

Setting an Appointment Restriction will change the normal outcome for confirming showings. Rules can block (Showing Restriction) appointments.

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February 2020 - Select a default preference for sharing agent information

This setting can be configured in your profile. The Default label identifies what the office is set for. Changing the setting in your profile or on an individual listing will override the office defaults.

Click the image for the full size.

  • No, do not share

  • No information will be visible to the listing contacts. They will be shown a message telling them to contact the listing agent for more details.

  • Yes, share agent's company only

  • Only the agent's company information will be visible to the listing contacts.
  • Yes, share agent's name and company

  • The agent's name and company will be shared with the listing contacts.

  • Yes, share all agent contact details

  • The agent's phone number, email address, name, and company information will be visible to the listing contacts.

The Default label identifies what the office is set for. Changing the setting in your profile or on an individual listing will override the office defaults.

We've updated a few email templates to make it easier to see when the appointment is confirmed but a new time would work better.
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And when a new time is needed.

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January 2020 - See which agents have opted-out of price change notifications

On desktop or mobile, now you can see agents that have opted out of price change notifications. You can also add new email addresses of agents manually. Agents that appear grayed out will not be contacted by default.

From the Listing Worksheet, you can also choose to share the buyer's agent details with all of the contacts on the listing. You will have four options to display or hide this information.

Click the image for the full size.

  • No, do not share

  • No information will be visible to the listing contacts. They will be shown a message telling them to contact the listing agent for more details.

  • Yes, share agent's company only

  • Only the agent's company information will be visible to the listing contacts.
  • Yes, share agent's name and company

  • The agent's name and company will be shared with the listing contacts.

  • Yes, share all agent contact details

  • The agent's phone number, email address, name, and company information will be visible to the listing contacts.

November 2019 - Push Notification settings are now visible on the Listing Worksheet

When you or your sellers are using the ShowingTime or My Home app, the ability to receive a push notification is enabled. Push Notifications are messages that pop up on a mobile device. Because they can be sent at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. All users of the ShowingTime Mobile App have the option to use this notification method and the options to set it up are located within your profile.


October 2019 - Separate Feedback and Showing Notifications

You've asked for the ability to send your owners feedback without having to enable them for confirmation emails and we delivered. Owners can now be notified of published feedback by email or push notification directly in the My Home by ShowingTime app or website.

You can still enable them for the ability to confirm showings, notifications of confirmations, or just notifications that a showing is scheduled.

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September 2019 - Splitting Calls and Merging Products

Centralized Showing Service Joins ShowingTime

With CSS joining ShowingTime it means agents, teams, brokers, offices, associations, and MLSs will have access to the most powerful showing management and market stats technologies and expert resources available in the residential real estate industry today. The result? An even more seamless experience for real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada, as well as for their buyers and sellers.

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Coming Soon: Receive Notifications by Phone for Declined or Cancelled Appointments Only

Now you can choose to receive automated phone call notifications for certain showing appointment statuses instead of in all instances as before (confirmed, declined, and cancelled showings). For those that only want to be notified by phone when a showing has been declined or cancelled, ShowingTime is introducing new settings on the desktop and your mobile device. You can still set electronic notifications to be delivered via email, text, or push notification if you wish not to get the automated call. And, you can configure this setting on your mobile device.

We will let you know when this goes live in your area!

May 2019 - New Sidebar, Buyers, and more...

My Home by ShowingTime Now with Tour Info for Buyers

Our research has shown that 8/10 clients who are selling their homes are buying their new home with the same agent. My Home by ShowingTime provides buyers with a view of their upcoming tour. This includes the appointment status, date/time of the appointment, driving directions, and a simple way to connect with their agent only.

Read More:
ShowingTime Buyers Highlights
Buyers Guide To ShowingTime
As a reminder, adding details about your buyer to a showing is an optional feature and ShowingTime never shares this information with anyone else. An agent’s client is private to that agent only.

Never Miss A Showing with Overnight Notifications

You have the option to receive text messages and push notifications 24/7 or between the hours 8 am - 10 pm local time.
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Select Your Linked Profile’s Primary MLS

Choosing your primary MLS will determine which set of contact information to display in your ShowingTime email signatures as well as determine which set of default notification preferences to use.

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Refreshed Look to the Side Menu

Though the menu looks brand new, most changes are cosmetic, with just a few updates to the navigation.

October 2018 - ShowingTime Secure Access & Access Information

  • Secure access granted to the buyer's agent during a limited time window on the date/time of the confirmed appointment
  • A full account of lockbox activity within your Listing Activity Report (LAR)

How do I configure my listings for secure access?

More integrations coming soon

June 2018 - Unified Message Center

All your messages in one place

Ever needed to chat with a listing agent of an appointment from a few weeks ago and don't want to go through your list to remember the listing? Now with the unified message center, you can see all of your messages at a glance. You can still access your messages from directly in the appointment but you can also use the unified message center. Over time, we will be introducing more messaging features to the center. Stay tuned!

December 2017 - Listing Agent Accompanied Showings

Accompanied Showings

In some markets, the ability of the listing agent to accompany the buyer's agent will exist. In these markets, the listing agent can choose to confirm or deny a request before an owner or occupant is made aware of it.

September 2017 - Enhanced Access Details

Access Details

It’s easy for listing agents to update showing instructions when confirming an appointment. Review the access details to either add or edit the information as needed. Details added will be saved for future appointment requests.

April 2017 - Out Of Office Settings

Out Of Office

Taking time off to go to a seminar or is an upcoming holiday going to leave your office short-staffed? You can use the Out of Office feature to let the buyer's agents scheduling appointments know and direct them to any additional resources that are available.

March 2017 - Appointment Types for Every Situation

New Appointment Types

Quick and efficient communications about the purpose of scheduled appointments can determine whether an appointment is confirmed or cancelled. With our latest update, we have added more appointment types for both you and requesting agents to choose from, including "Walk-Through," "Radon Drop Off" and "Site Measurements" for inspection.

February 2017 - Latest updates for the Mobile App

Offline Access

Never worry about showing instructions not being available due to poor connectivity. We've introduced the "Offline" mode for our iOS users in the recent mobile app update. Make sure you have the latest update.

A lot was accomplished in 2016. Thanks for all your feedback, which helps us create new features and additional improvements that lead to an even better experience for you - 1/23/2017

New Look and Feel for the ShowingTime Mobile App*

ShowingTime has updated the mobile app to add new functionality, optimize it for all smartphone screen sizes, and improve overall performance. We’ve also introduced a sleek new design!

*Currently our latest version of the app is available in select markets.

All Your Clients in One Place

As a real estate agent, keeping your showings organized by buyers just makes sense. You can now add your clients’ names to any appointment when scheduling, automatically organizing all of your upcoming and past appointments by each client.

Calendar View of Appointments

ShowingTime’s Appointment Calendar allows agents, staff, and managers to see appointments at a glance. With multiple viewing options like a day, a week, or a month, it is easy to see the appointments and their statuses to plan your time effectively.

Default Appointment Length and Type for Buyer's Agents

ShowingTime is committed to helping you schedule appointments as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That’s why we introduced a way to buyer's agents to set their own default appointment type and length. Set it once in your profile settings and breeze through scheduling showings.

Office Broadcast

This one-way broadcast communication tool allows office administrators and staff to send messages to all members for any purpose, including emergencies, notifications, or other important updates. Members get messages via their preferred method, whether email, SMS (text), ShowingTime mobile app push notification, or a combination.

Reschedule Process Improvements

Proposing a time change for a showing via the free text box allows listing agents to communicate with buyers agents without restrictions and let them know about all times available without cancelling the appointment.

ShowingTime Messaging, viewing appointment types when scheduling, and personal calendar syncing of appointments for sellers - 12/1/2015

Introducing ShowingTime Messaging for Agents & Sellers

ShowingTime messaging lets agents communicate through private instant messaging on all their appointments. Listing agents can contact sellers and vice versa; buyer's agents can alert listing contacts if they're early or running late. Messages are sent via email, push alerts on mobile devices, or via text messages (in select markets), with conversations logged for future reference. ShowingTime messaging is currently being rolled out to our customers market by market. Stay tuned for when it is available for yours!

View Appointment Types When Scheduling

Agents will be able to see if their showing request will be auto-confirmed or need confirmation prior to scheduling, making it easier to plan ahead. It’s important to note that showing instructions are only accessible when the request has both been submitted by the buyer's agent and confirmed by the listing representative.

Sellers Can Import Showings To Their Calendars

Owners and occupants can now enjoy the convenience of having their calendars update automatically when an appointment moves from “requested” to “confirmed”, so they always have the most up-to-date information.

Scheduling on Behalf of Another Agent, ShowingCart Mobile Map & Improve Seller Login - 9/16/2015

Scheduling on Behalf of Another Agent *

Now it’s easy to schedule appointments in the ShowingTime system when the request wasn’t received online. For instance, when a buyer's agent emails, calls, or texts a showing request to the listing agent, the listing agent can quickly enter it in ShowingTime … as if the request was made online. Once entered, the system generates notifications, etc. as it normally does, based on the listing’s instructions. It also equips listing agents to override blocks and instantly confirm requests.

Introducing the ShowingCart Mobile Map

When you have a full day of showings, the ShowingCart Mobile Map will help you keep track of where you’re going. It displays all the stops on your buyer’s tour, plotted according to the best route. You can easily jump ahead to see showing instructions for a specific stop, get directions from your current stop, or view other details – it’s the perfect companion when you’re in the field.

Improved Mobile Login Process for Sellers *

Our research shows that for every agent using the ShowingTime Mobile App, there are three sellers using it. To make their experience even better, we’ve made the initial login process more intuitive. Once logged in, sellers have access to information about showings and feedback, can confirm appointments, update their contact details, review reports, and more.

* This feature may not be available to all users if you have questions about this feature, contact your account manager or support representative.

New ShowingCart Features & Profile Linking - 7/22/2015

Add Personal Showing Notes

Buyer's agents routinely jot down notes for specific appointments. Now in ShowingCart, you can keep your notes organized and accessible per appointment! Click the “Add Note” icon to enter any notes needed which will remain private to you. These notes can be edited at any time and are always included in your version of the printout.

Track Appointment Statuses

Keeping track of multiple appointments for various clients and whether or not they've been confirmed can be tough. So we've created a way for buyer's agents to manually update individual appointment statuses for listings or stops added to their tour that are not managed by ShowingTime - this will help you stay on top of every showing!

ShowingTime App Update - 6/22/2015

More ShowingTime Features for Agents on the Go!

ShowingTime has added many new and highly requested features into the Mobile App! Agents will enjoy an enhanced mobile ShowingCart™ experience, including a read-only view of past, present & future tours. Also, agents can update their listings’ showing instructions on the go with the enhanced version of the mobile listing worksheet, giving them the ability to view and update showing instructions right from their mobile phone!

ShowingCart: Buyer's Tour

After creating a buyer’s tour in ShowingCart (from the desktop), agents can now access a read-only view from their mobile phone or tablet that shows:

• All appointments grouped by the name of their tour
• Upcoming and past tours
• Appointment statuses for each showing
• Showing instructions
• Driving directions to each stop

From the home screen of the mobile app, click on ShowingCart to get started.

Mobile Listing Worksheet

Need to block a time that a home is unavailable to show? Need to enter showing instructions for a listing while in the field? Now you can! Agents can update appointment types, change contact information, add showing restrictions, and even change notes to buyer's agents from the mobile app.

At the home screen, click on “View Instructions”, find your listing and edit your instructions. It’s that easy!

New Updates to your ShowingTime Service - 5/22/2015

New & Improved Feedback Management Page

ShowingTime’s feedback management page has been redesigned and optimized to make it easier to find, review, and respond to feedback! You can filter by status type (for example, all unread feedback) or group & sort what you want to see. The buyer's agents can even review the past feedback they’ve sent. Plus, new icons make it easy to check feedback status at a glance.

Updated ShowingCart Printouts

Not only has the layout of ShowingCart’s printouts been redesigned (decreasing the number of printed pages needed), but now agents can control exactly what’s printed! Include/exclude turn-by-turn directions, a map of your tour, or a photo of the home. To share a printout with your buyer, select the “Buyer’s Version” to hide the secure showing instructions.

Improvements Galore! - 3/24/2015

A Feedback Form for Every Listing *

Office managers and agents can now create an unlimited amount of feedback request forms and easily assign them to any listing!

Improved and Optimized Target Market Analysis (TMA) Report

Our Target Market Analysis Report is a simple, useful graphical report that displays the number of showings that occurred in specific price ranges for a specific area. We’ve optimized this report to load quickly, added in school districts as a market filter, and improved the overall search selection functions.

Live Chat with Support

The Live Chat option has been added back for Appointment Center customers. Initiating a live chat session is easy and can be done from any Help & Training Page. You will only be required to tell us a brief description of your issue to initiate the live chat session.

Enter Your Appointment Time for a “View Instructions Only” Listing When Using ShowingCart

ShowingCart helps agents organize their preferred showing route for their buyer’s showing tour before appointment requests are made. One of the many ways to sort stops on a tour is by the time of the showing. Now, for listing stops configured as “View Instructions Only” (which don’t include an appointment time), agents can enter a time, making it much easier to sort and organize all stops.

* This feature may not be available to all users if you have questions about this feature, contact your account manager or support representative.

Help and Training!?! - 2/15/2015

New Help & Training Site

ShowingTime has improved how we support agents by introducing a new 'Help and Training' section. This will constantly be maintained and updated when new features are released.

Feedback and Knowledge Base

Our support team is available from:

Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm CST
Saturday–Sunday, 8am–5pm CST

Phone: 800-379-0057
Email: support@showingtime.com

Select the link at the top right of your screen for Live Chat.

Schedule appointments and view instructions on the go with the ShowingTime Mobile App.

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